We watched the eclipse on our front porch yesterday, and it was more amazing than either of us anticipated.


We purchased approved sunglasses and watched from the moment the moon kissed the sun.

My best photo of the day? This one:


I took it on my Nikon. All my iPhone photos were terrible! Even so, nothing does it justice…

Anyone else in the path of totality?

(He Thinks) He’s a Dog


Tubby is the source of much laughter (and consternation) in our household. He is food obsessed and will eat just about anything he can get ahold of. He also refuses to use the water bowl we have for the kitties, opting instead for the dogs’ water bowl. Same material, different size, different location. My only guess as to why: he thinks he’s a dog.

Don’t Leave


Frou: “Hey mom?”

Me: “Yeah, baby?”

Frou: “Don’t ever leave me.”

Me: “Never!”


We went to my husband’s hometown this past weekend, and when we got back, Frou-Frou followed me wherever I went and stole my lap if I sat or laid down. I would say she missed me!