Bird in the Basement

I forgot to tell you all! Last weekend, I came home and cuddled in with my kiddo for a nap. When J woke up, I realized I hadn’t seen Mr. Tubs yet, which was very odd. So I enlisted the rest of the house to help me look for him. Shortly thereafter, my hubby tells me he found him in the basement and he seemed fine. So I didn’t think much of it. A little while later, I go down to clean the litter box and soon see why Tubby won’t come upstairs: he’s hunting a bird!

I couldn’t hardly believe it! I tell my husband and start trying to think how to get it out of my house. Any time I got close, it flew away, so catching it was out of the question.

I then decided to try and “herd” it the direction I wanted it to go, and SUCCESS! It flew upstairs where I promptly lost it. After searching the main floor, I find it in our addition, which is where our back door is located. So after a bit more herding, it finally flew out the door.

I still have no idea how the bird got in my basement or how long it was there. I’m just grateful my stuff isn’t covered in bird poop!

Yellow Forehead

After a day trip yesterday, we came home to find Tubby with a yellow forehead and eye. I’m thinking he got into my flowers, but I can’t really say for sure…

What mischief are your babies up to?

Hidey Hole

The other day, I was working on my couch when I heard this shuffling sound. When I looked behind me, I saw Tubby attempting to get inside an unzipped backpack.

As you can see, his attempts were successful. Unfortunately, my attention brought the attention of his puppy sisters, so he didn’t stay in there too long.

Couch Cuddles

Right before we had our baby, we worked with the dogs to train them to stay off the couch (it had always been fair game previously). Now that our baby is a rambunctious toddler that does not stay in one place for long, we’ve been inviting the pups up more and more to snuggle. Our kiddo loves this, and so does Emma. Sammie, on the other hand, will come up only briefly before she is back to sunbathing in another room.

I’m sure Emma prefers this – it means she gets mom all to herself!