Did we just become best friends?


My boyfriend and I took Sammie to the city dog park last night, and she LOVED it. The past two times we have gone, it’s been later at night and there haven’t really been any other dogs there. This time, she had lots of other dogs to play with! There was Charlie, the beagle; Halley, the blue heeler mix; and Chief, who I am guessing is a black golden retriever. Charlie was the first pup we met last night, but he left pretty quickly after we got there. Chief was the last to arrive, but he is only four months old; so while he wanted to play with the big dogs, he would lay down and be submissive as soon as they got very close.

Halley, on the other hand, was the peanut butter to Sammie’s jelly. At 18 months old, she could keep up with Sammie’s puppy energy and would run Run RUN, just begging Sammie to chase. I think they ran together for 30 or 40 minutes, never leaving the other’s side, and I have never seen Sammie breathe that hard. She needed it!

In between all the chasing, the pooches would head over to the watering hole (a series of different sized watering dishes by a water pump) to get a drink and cool off. Everyone’s favorite bowl was the bigger one, and Halley and Chief were small enough they could lay down in the water (and they did so frequently). Sammie, on the other hand, would attack the water with her mouth like she wanted to play with it. She’d then put her front paws in and splash it onto her stomach and back legs until there was barely any water left. We had so much fun watching all of them play together that we hated to leave, but after an hour we thought it was time. At home, she laid around a lot more than she typically does in the evenings and even made it all the way through the night without whining to go potty. I’d say she was worn out!

We also made ANOTHER trip to Petsmart, this time for a dog bone, the classic Kong, and training treats (Sammie is highly food motivated). She got to gnaw on her bone a bit last night, and I gave her the Kong stuffed with peanut butter this morning before I left for work. We’ll see how well that went over when I head home for lunch!


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