One Week Progress Report

If you’re a cat owner, you know that as soon as I opened my computer to write this post, my cats decided it was snuggle time. Sammie is in her crate right now – especially on the weekends, we like to give the cats safe time to come out and play and socialize with us. They love their people, and I think wanting to be with us has been motivation for them coming out and staying out, even when Sammie is around. We’ve definitely seen improvements in the relations between our pets.

2014-09-01 08.30.18

Mr. Tubs will even hang out in front of the crate where Sammie sleeps (and the blanket is up so they can see each other), which is a new development. I’m so thrilled!! Sammie doesn’t whine when she sees them anymore, either.

Anyway, I got my computer out because we have officially had Sammie a week now, and we have seen so many improvements.

  • As I’ve mentioned previously, she has gained weight. I’m no longer afraid to take her out in public for fear someone would think we are abusing her.
  • She and my cats are getting along better. She’s starting to ignore them a bit more, but still wants to play with them when they start running (which is the case for EVERYTHING. She’ll chase a ball as long as it’s moving. Once it stops she’s no longer interested). 
  • When we got her, she knew how to sit, lay down, and come. She kenneled really well. All of those are more consistent now, and she has even learned stay. She is one smart cookie!
  • She was not leash trained at all. When we first got her, she would pull so hard I couldn’t take her out for a walk; my boyfriend would have to. We’ve been working on that everyday (we don’t have a yard that we can let her run around in, so we have to take her for walks) and she has improved so so much. She still likes to pull when she smells something she wants, but it’s not constant anymore. We used the technique found here (except we’re not clicker training her).
  • She is beginning to play with toys now. When we first got her her rope toy, she didn’t want anything to do with it. I had heard that you might have to teach a dog to play, but I have never had a dog where that is the case before. I’m honestly  not too sure what brought about the change, but she played tug-of-war with me yesterday and then when I stopped took her rope and chewed on it. She almost chewed all the way through it before we realized what was happening and took it away. She likes to chase the Kong, but hasn’t yet figured out that it’s something safe to chew on. 
  • The new ear medication is working really well. Her ears have looked much better since we started using them. We’re also paying much closer attention to what her body is telling us about her foods. We’ve stopped giving her Milkbones, and at first, we thought she was itching less, but I don’t think that’s the case anymore. I need to look at the ingredients in it… We haven’t given her the bone we bought her for several days now, and her stool has become more solid again. I don’t think we’ll be giving it to her anymore, as much as she loved it. We’ve done some research on different dog brands, and I think we’re going to switch to Purina Pro Plan Select Adult: Sensitive Skin and Stomach. It has a shorter list of ingredients than other dog foods and is salmon and rice based, which she hasn’t been exposed to before. I do think we’re going to wait until she’s half done with her current food, though, so we can finish it off and gradually introduce the other. Fingers crossed that it works!!

All-in-all, she’s been a great addition to our family, and we have hope that she and the cats can learn to live harmoniously together (although maybe not unsupervised). She has brought us much joy and laughter, and we couldn’t love her any more than we already do!


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