Bad Habits

Since adopting Sammie, a few bad habits have begun to form (I’d hate to make you all think everything has been absolutely perfect since we brought her home!), and they all developed a few days ago. For starters, Sammie has become very interested in moving vehicles. In the mornings, when we take her for a walk, there’s a lot of traffic coming in on our street because we live by a couple offices. She sees the cars, perks up, and starts straining toward them. Does she associate moving vehicles with going to the dog park? Or is it in relation to her thinking “if it moves, I will play with it”? While we never walk her without her leash, she’s a very powerful dog and if she decided to REALLY charge at a vehicle, there’s little I could do to stop her. Anyone have experience with this that could give advice?

She’s also discovered the little “treats” the cats leave behind. Instead of eating it where she finds it, she brings it out into the living room or kitchen to devour it there. It would be an understatement to say I find it absolutely disgusting. I need to start scooping the litterbox more regularly – like everyday – to keep this from occurring. The worst part is she KNOWS she shouldn’t be messing with the litterbox, as we’ve told her ‘no’ several times. When she is found out, she cowers and becomes submissive, drops the “treat,” and goes to her kennel of her own accord. At this point, I feel bad… She’ll usually stay there until we reassure her she’s still a good girl and can come join us (which I do fairly promptly). On the other hand, I hate to condone the behavior! What we really need is a cat door in the door to our utility room. I don’t think our landlord would let us install one, though. I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to ask! We could just buy a new door that we install a cat door in that we could move with us…. I’ll ask my boyfriend what he thinks of that idea. I don’t particularly like having our utility room open for the whole world to see anyway (okay, not the whole world, just our guests), but it’s been necessary.

On another point, the weather has been miserable here – heavy with rain that only comes in spurts and unbelievably hot. Sammie had the zooms this morning, so I know she needs to release some of this energy she has, but the weather hasn’t been conducive to that. Hopefully it will clear up by tonight so we can make it to the dog park. And hopefully other people will have braved the weather, too – she doesn’t like being the only one there. If she was a kid, I can just hear her complain, “MO-om this is BORING!! There’s no one to PLAY with!”


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