So This Just Happened…

10656442_10153117018984008_1155686319_nI think I mentioned that my cats have been braver than usual, not being too nervous around Sammie’s crate, even when she’s in there. They are also starting to make appearances while Sammie is out of her crate and hanging out around the house with us. It happened again at lunch today: Frou started out under the table, but I think she felt cornered there so she rushed to the laundry room (where she has a hiding spot that the dog can’t reach). Instead of going for her spot, though, she stopped in the doorway. Sammie noticed and went toward her – no closer than in this picture, as Frou warned her off. Then, to our surprise, Frou WALKED PAST SAMMIE and on to our bedroom in the back of our apartment!!! Sammie let her and then made moves to follow, but I blocked her path and praised her for being so good with them. This is major, people, and I’M SO EXCITED I CAN HARDLY STAND IT!


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