So… My boyfriend has been insistent upon the fact that Sammie should not get on the furniture (even the bed lately!). She’s too big, he doesn’t want her to do that at other people’s houses, etc. Well, last night he had a draft party and left me at home with the cats and dog. I popped in a movie we had rented from Redbox and soon enough, Sammie tries to get up on the couch with me. At first, I tell her “off,” but she knows a sucker when she meets one. After my first feeble attempts, I just let her up there and she lays at my feet with her head down on my hip or knee. Such a good girl! I told her she couldn’t tell daddy about it ’cause he wouldn’t like it. Besides rushing to meet him at the door (she always looks for him when he leaves), what’s the first thing she does when he gets home? Tries to get up on the couch with me! He knew right away what had been going on… And then wanted a picture to see the cuteness of it all. He’s such a sucker too! I guess he knows what to expect tonight when he’s out bowling (and every week after…)!

P.S. As sweet as it was, I didn’t take a picture because I didn’t want to leave any evidence behind. Otherwise I definitely would have shared it with you, too.


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