Weekend Trip

For multiple reasons that I won’t get into on here, instead of my mom coming to visit me this weekend, I went home to see them. With Aaron being gone for a golf tournament, I had to take Sammie with me. I was nervous! Yes, I wanted my parents to meet Sammie, and I thought she would be GREAT out there – with 20 acres to run around on, she’d be able to use some of that excess energy she had been storing. However, my parents have my boxer, Boomer, and I was worried how he would react to me bringing home another dog.


To say he is my best friend is an understatement. I’ve always called him the love of my life because he loves me unconditionally, and I absolutely love him back. From what I’ve heard, there are always certain animals that you have a really special bond with, and he and I have it. I got him when he was about 5 months old, and he’s about to turn 7 (we celebrate his birthday in November). I always said when I graduated from college, I’d have him come to live with me and I could finally see him every day like I’ve wanted. Now that I have graduated, I realize that would be unfair to him. I live in an apartment and he has the run of the land and the house. While he tries to get in the car with me when I leave sometimes, he does NOT do well with change and wouldn’t be happy with me. It breaks my heart to leave him every time… Gah! I’m getting choked up just writing about this.

Anyway, when we first arrived, Sammie was growly with Boomer, snipping at him and (I think) trying to protect me. This continued even in the house until Boomer had enough of it and decided to put her in her place. He laid her flat and took ahold of her ear, not letting go until she was calm. After that, they were the best of friends! Sammie even respected old man Pele, a border collie, and let me play fetch with him while she laid outside.

That first day she had SO MUCH ENERGY!! She and Boomer just ran and ran and ran together until Boomer was tuckered out. When he caught his breath, they would go again! I told my boyfriend she was like the Energizer Bunny this weekend. Always going. We did get her to stop long enough to give her her first bath since being with us, and boy is she so much softer!! Also, when we left to go to town, she did really well staying locked in my room (I didn’t bring her kennel with me because it’s huge and my car is small). I think she laid on my bed the whole time. She even slept with me that night and didn’t move around or try and play. She knew it was time for sleep and she respected that.

The next day, however, she was calmer but took out whatever energy she had on chewing things up. She tore up two of my mom’s outside pillows she had made and shredded a shoe box (leaving the shoes inside completely untouched, thank goodness!). She also chewed the end off of a fabric bone and tried to tear up the towel we had used to dry her off. I don’t know what her deal was! Thankfully, my parents told me she was welcome back any time, that they liked her and realized she was still just trying to learn her manners. Phew… I don’t think Boomer was too upset to see me leave with another dog, either. Mom text me later when I got home and told me he was snoring on the couch.

10681616_10153131770869008_1691331958_nSammie did fantastic riding in the car. While we were on the highway, she laid in the back with her head or paw on the middle console (it was absolutely precious). When we got close to home, she came up to the front seat to sit next to me and watch all the familiar sights go by.

I was glad to have gone home, but I’m also glad to be back. I think Sammie is a total mommy’s girl now, but I have to admit: she definitely missed her daddy. She wagged her whole body when she finally saw him!

As another update, we went to the vet Friday night and her ears still have yeast in them. We have now switched dog food to the brand I mentioned here and hope that will help! According to their scale, she also weighs 64.2lbs. I don’t know how she gained 10lbs. in one week, but I’m impressed and she finally looks healthy. Hooray for a healthy pup!


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