The Past

Since we adopted Sammie, we don’t know what her life was like before us, and that’s difficult for me sometimes. Other times, I imagine it’s for the best. Here’s what we do know:

  1. She’s a German Shepherd. Of course, whether she has anything else in her, we don’t know. I don’t believe so – she fits all the standards – but it’s just hard to say.
  2. She was a return when we got her. The last person who adopted her brought her back because she was too hyper for the older lab she owned. She said Sammie wouldn’t leave him alone and he couldn’t get a moment’s peace. At first, I found that hard to believe because she’s done so well at the dog park and at home with us. However, when I took her home, I saw how tiring it could be. Once she and Boomer became the best of friends, she wouldn’t leave him alone, either! He at least enjoyed having another dog to play with… I don’t know whether she would have been the same way around Pele since he’s older and just wants to do his own things. Mom thought she would and figured the only reason she left him alone this past weekend is because she had Boomer. Maybe she’s right!
  3. She was a momma. At what point in her life, we don’t know.

Not knowing everything, I find myself filling in the gaps and making up stories that have no basis in fact except the above. Part of me thinks that she must have belonged to some backyard breeder to have whelped so young. Then I remember that she was kennel trained and knew all kinds of commands. What backyard breeder does that? On the other hand, the last lady who adopted her could have taught her all of those things because Sammie is really smart and picks up on things quickly. But then I wonder if the lady really could have had her all that long if her lab wasn’t adjusting well.

If she did belong to a backyard breeder, why would they have gotten rid of her? She was obviously fertile… Perhaps instead she belonged to someone who couldn’t afford to spay her and so gave her up to avoid having to get rid of puppies all the time. But then there are lots of places around here that offer free or reduced spays to help people with lower incomes who want to have pets. That doesn’t seem to fit, either.

Maybe they didn’t give her up. Maybe she jumped the fence (we hear she does that, and I can believe it. That girl has springs in her legs!) and was picked up as a stray. Perhaps they didn’t look for her, or they did but didn’t want to claim her for fear of a fine or something (our city has a leash law).

I suppose her back story doesn’t matter. It obviously doesn’t bother her too much! She is a happy puppy who we love with all our heart – and who I think loves us with all of hers. We definitely enjoy spending time together; just look at this grin she gives me when we’re together in the mornings and I get to rubbing on her belly!




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