Fun Day Saturday

Oh  my goodness, Sammie had a BIG day on Saturday! I woke up about 8am – she let me sleep in!! – and took Sammie for a walk. Instead of going our normal direction, I decided to take her through the neighborhood. I hadn’t been that way before, and I thought working with her in a new environment could be good for her leash skills. That last part is questionable, since she was so excited she had to smell EVERYTHING, but I think we improved. I had to give up, though, when we were running down the hill and saw a deer at the end of it. I kept jogging thinking the deer would run off, but it didn’t until we stopped. I don’t think Sammie noticed it until two more deer came out of a yard and followed their companion across the road and into the field on the other side. By that point, there was no controlling her; she was too interested in the deer and where they might have gone, so we turned for home.

We then took her to the city dog park (which we call the DP around the house so she doesn’t know what we’re talking about). When we first got there, there weren’t any other dogs around – perhaps because it was pretty chilly – so we walked along the gravel path and she followed right along. Not too much later, another dog came: a Siberian Husky named Ice. She was beautiful! All white, eyes that were so pale they seemed white, sleek, and so incredibly soft. She was a year old, so had the same kind of energy and play style as our Sammie, and they hit it off famously. I think they ran and played together for almost an hour and a half! I meant to take my nice camera with us, but had forgotten it in trying to dress for the weather, so didn’t get any pictures. Even when other dogs showed up, Sammie ignored them to play with Ice. It was so fun to watch, and we could tell after about an hour that she was getting tired. Of course, just about the time we decide to leave, they take off running and playing again, so we let her get that last burst out of her system before we headed home. When we made it back, our front door was standing wide open! We put Sammie up so we could wander around and make sure all our stuff was still there and our cats hadn’t escaped – we were fine on both counts. When we got back into our bedroom and sat down to decide what to do with the rest of our day, I could hear Sammie snoring away in her kennel. She was wiped out! The rest of the weekend, she was as mellow as could be. She played a little bit with her Nylabone and a stick outside, but that was it, and it never lasted long before she’d lay down again or want to go back inside.

That was good for us, though. It meant Aaron and I could go out on the town for date night without worrying about her, and our cats could snuggle with us all afternoon without worrying about whether “the beast” would get too jealous and bother them. And she did, but just a little…


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