Down for the Count

This morning started just like any other morning, until it was time to stretch. At first, I thought everything in my neck was aligning, until all of a sudden there was a sudden, sharp pain in my shoulder. I have never experienced so much back pain in my life, and I began to wonder if instead of the popping of an alignment, I had heard the tearing of a muscle or tendon. After a visit to the doctor, I found out I pulled a rib out of place in my shoulder. I am allowed to do nothing but sit or lay still for the next 48 hours, until the swelling has gone down and the likelihood it pops out again is almost 0.

My boyfriend has been amazing through all this, taking a couple hours off work so he could take me to my appointment the next town over and make sure I was settled and okay before heading back. My pets have been amazing, too. They all sense that something is wrong with mommy, so the cats have come to lay with me and cuddle, giving me their love and warm little bodies as support. We put Sammie in her kennel at first, because she’s so big there’s no way I could (or am allowed to) handle her in my condition. Being home, though, that seemed unfair, so I let her out after an hour or two. I think she knows something is up, too. She keeps coming and checking on me, acting like she wants to get in my lap, too, but I think knowing that doing so might hurt me this time. So she just puts up her paws and lays her head on my legs… She’s so good! She’s laying on the floor right now watching over me and the kitties (who still insist on cuddles, despite the beast being out).

Since I’m down and out and have nothing to do but watch TV, read, or write, I decided to post those pictures I took of Sammie at the dog park the other night!

I really wish I brought my camera out the next night so I could have gotten pictures of her full-out RUNNING. She’s absolutely gorgeous when she sprints – it’s obvious she was made to do it.

Wish me luck in feeling better, and I hope you all had a better start to your day than I did (although I suppose I got my mental day like I’ve been saying I need, haha!).


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