Home Again

My family had a saying that goes, “Home again, home again, never to roam again.” While I haven’t GONE anywhere since my last post, I still feel like that saying is true. My shoulder/back is improved but still sore, so much so that brushing my hair and other daily tasks hurts. I’d say it’s good I stayed home from work again today. Aaron stayed home with me, too, and has been a God-send! So helpful, and he seems to know what I need before I do.

He had some friends over last night, which was good for my mood (even if I read the whole time so they could watch sports, play video games, and do other guy stuff). One of them stayed the night with us and is still here, making it really feel like the weekend has started. But when they first got here last night, Sammie was wound UP – she always is when new people come over and see her place! But after a little while she settled down and wasn’t in their faces anymore, instead just laying contentedly in the middle of the floor. When we woke up, Aaron took Sammie out to potty and fed her breakfast, then came back into our room to lay with me and see if I needed anything. He got me some water and an ice pack before we both fell back asleep. I didn’t even realize until we woke up two and a half hours later that he didn’t kennel Sammie before we dozed off. Like the good girl she is, she just stayed at the foot of our bed, snoozing along with us. I suppose Aaron is right: she’s used to having to do that in the mornings anyway, but I was so proud of her! She didn’t chase the cats away, she didn’t try and get up on the bed with us, she didn’t search out the kitty candy, nothing! She just laid by, protecting us.

Photo on 9-19-14 at 2.55 PM

When Aaron’s friend woke up, the rest of us got up too. I’m happy to say that Sammie didn’t act all crazy when she saw him again, either. She just treated him like one of her pack and has followed him around, playing with him like she likes to play with us. I’m so glad! When we take her to the dog park, she gets to socialize with other people, yes, but she doesn’t find them nearly as interesting as their canine companions. Having people over has been good for her manners, and I hope she doesn’t act out when they come over next time (although I have a feeling she will because she’ll be excited to show them around). At least she’s not territorial or grumpy towards them… Maybe because we bring them in and she can tell from our body language that we’re happy to see them, so she should be, too? I don’t know.

There has only been one time that Sammie has not accepted someone immediately, prompting her protectiveness: Aaron’s brother. I had gone to Columbia and was waiting with Aaron’s sister-in-law at their house until the boys got home. Sammie explored a bit but laid down next to us while we chatted and caught up. Soon enough, here comes Aaron and his brother, and while Sammie is happy to see Aaron, she barks at his brother, edging around him and not wanting to get close, even when he got down on her level and held out his hand for her. She acted that way until we left! I don’t know if she was like that because we were in a different place or what, but it’s been the only time she has treated someone that way. Even then, she only barked at him. Is that how they’re supposed to respond? I know we don’t her to be vicious toward anyone, but I’m not sure what the correct behavior is for a dog in a protective, unsure situation. Any advice would be appreciated!


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