She’s Learning to Play!

When we first got Sammie, she wasn’t particularly interested in playing with toys. It took about a week for her to get the hang of tug-of-war, and then she just ate her rope until we were afraid to give it to her. Since she obviously likes to chew, we thought a big, meaty bone would be perfect for her! Until we realized she has a food allergy… When I visited my parents one weekend, I asked if I could bring the Nylabone they had at their house back with us. She LOVES that thing and is always chewing on it. She even likes to chase after it (but she doesn’t bring it back – we’re still working on “fetch”).


Always moving, always a blur.

I could not, however, get her interested in her Kong. I put peanut butter and food in it, and she’d go to town licking it, but when it was empty? Done. Forget it. This weekend, it finally clicked with her and now she loves that thing! I’d bounce it for her and she’d chase after it, actually bringing it close enough to me that I could grab it and throw it for her again. She even lobs it herself, which is especially cute. Finally, something else she can chew on without absolutely shredding it to bits! Like the sleeping pad we bought her that only lasted four hours (nope, I’m not bitter)…


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