Adopt-a-Less-Adoptable Pet Week

I just found out yesterday that September 21-27 (so this week!) is Adopt-a-Less-Adoptable Pet Week. While this week is drawing to a close, I want to point out that it is never to late to adopt a less adoptable. I’ve outlined some of what that means below:

Breed: While stigmatized breeds change from one generation to the next, the one that is getting hit the hardest right now is pit bulls. While I am a complete sucker for their goofy good looks, it can be difficult to find apartment complexes, even pet friendly ones, that allow pits and pit mixes. This leads to many people giving up their pet when they move, and it also makes it difficult for the breed to be adopted out. Any other so-called “aggressive” breed faces the same fate.

Age: The older the animal, the more difficult it is to find them a loving home. Everyone sees tiny kittens and puppies and want to adopt them. That’s totally fine! But also consider adopting the mom of those cute little babies. She may already be housebroken (no messes to clean up! Yayy!), is likely calmer, and won’t chew up your furniture. “But we’ll only have a couple years with them…” Yes, but you may give them the best couple years of their life. Isn’t that worth it?

Disability: Not all pets are perfect, even ones that you buy from a renowned breeder. Some are born blind or deaf and need special training and attention to function the same as their seeing/hearing counterparts. Some do not have full functioning of one or more of their limbs. Despite these disabilities, all have the same capacity to love and play as other dogs.

Health Condition: Diabetes, allergies, FIV+ (cats), megaesophagus, etc. are all health conditions that can negatively impact an animal’s ability to be adopted. While they may need a special diet, medication, or modifications to their eating routine, all can live long, full lives and deserve your love just as much as those without a health condition!

So if you’re looking to adopt, please consider one of the less adoptables. Use the Petfinder link above to find one in your area (they’re featuring these animals right now)!


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