I’m used to being shadowed by my pets: Boomer does it when I visit my parents, only leaving my side to go out and survey the land. My cats have done it for the two years I’ve had them now, and while it’s become a bit more difficult (they would probably say dangerous) since Sammie entered the scene, they can still be found lurking close by, always watching and waiting for the moment they can snuggle up with me without the beast noticing.

10708282_10153174211754008_234795971_nWhile Sammie never strays too far, I wouldn’t have called her my shadow until recently. I don’t know when it happened, but I really noticed it last night and this morning. Aaron was gone for bowling, so Sammie, Frou-Frou, Mr. Tubs, and I had the house to ourselves. Wherever I went, Sammie was sure to follow, even if I went from the living room to the kitchen (which only has a bar separating them, so it’s open enough she could see me the whole time). If I was working on the dresser we’re converting to a TV stand, she was there to chew on the scraps. If I was reading, she was laying or sleeping nearby. If I went outside, she of course had to come, too!

This morning, we were in a rush to get ready for work, and I let Sammie out of her crate so she wouldn’t be left in there unnecessarily. Again, if I went to the kitchen to pack up my breakfast, she was right there with me! If I was in the laundry room picking out what I was going to wear that day, she was there to help me do it. And as I started to leave, she moved to come with me. Since I’m usually the last to leave in the morning, I don’t know if she tries to leave with Aaron as well, but it broke my heart. I wish I had a job that allowed me to bring her with me! I suppose I could attribute all this to Aaron being gone last night, but I prefer to think she just loves me that much.


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