Stormin’ Norman

Yesterday, I was stuck in the basement of my office building for an hour while we were under a tornado warning. At 5:30pm, a man with the county fire and rescue came by and told us it had cleared enough for us to head home, which I promptly did. Sammie hadn’t gone through a bad storm with us before, so I was worried about how she would handle it.

The echoing booms of thunder and sudden brightness from the lightning? Didn’t bother her a bit. She laid down and was calm through it all.

Having to go out in the rain? She hated every second of it. To be honest, I was surprised considering how much Sammie loves splashing around in the water. On second thought, though, I realized it makes sense – she doesn’t like to be sprayed with a hose, and having rain pour down on her would probably be similar to that experience. As Aaron put it, she likes getting wet on her terms!

When I took her out to potty last night as it drizzled, she barely got off the concrete pad and into the grass before she did her business. As soon as she was done, she turned around and came right back inside. Aaron took her for a little stroll this morning, but he said she didn’t get too far before she decided she’d had enough of that getting wet business. It’s supposed to continue storming all day today, so the poor girl’s going to have to wait to go out for a good romp. Hopefully, she’s okay with playing inside with mom and dad!


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