While I was unable to convince Aaron that we should take Sammie to the dog park in Columbia this weekend (Saturday was super cold and, while the weather Sunday was PERFECT, there was football to watch), he has finally agreed to let Sammie up on the bed with us.

This is a big deal, guys.

Getting ready in the morning is a little easier if I can get her up on the bed, because she just lays there like the good girl she is and doesn’t mess with the cat food or try and sneak some kitty candy.

He changed his mind Saturday evening, and she slept on the end of the bed with us half the night. I had thought that sharing the bed with her would mean that my cats would no longer come and snuggle with us, BUT THEY ACTUALLY DID!

This is a big deal, guys.

I cannot even describe to you how happy this makes me! My cats are great snuggle buddies, and so is Aaron, but there’s just something about a dog…


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