What a Weekend

Man, you could say that again! What a weekend. It was a long drive to Indianapolis, but very much worth the trip. Aaron actually told his family we have a dog, and they didn’t understand his secrecy about it any more than I do. That’s a relief!

Sammie seemed to have a great time at my parents’ house this weekend. I got lots of pictures and videos from my mom, updating me on all their goings-on. It appears that Sammie made a few friends:



imageMom said that Sammie didn’t know about them at first and would nip at their noses, but eventually settled down enough that she would only sniff, eventually licking them! I’m a proud momma.

We picked her up Sunday night on our way back home, and at first I thought she had gained a TON of weight! Her belly was absolutely bulging. My parents said she had been a little piggy over the weekend, eating not just what was given to her, but also Boomer’s food and the food left outside for Pele (we’d forgotten her special food, so she was eating what she is allergic to also – keep that in mind). They tried telling her ‘No,’ but as smart as she is, it was hard to keep her out of it.

Aside from the huge belly, she also had the WORST smelling gas. It was constant every couple of minutes. We rode on home with the windows cracked to save ourselves. While her belly didn’t hurt her, and she still had the typical bounce in her step, I was worried that her distended belly and gas might mean she was experiencing bloat. Freaking out, I read up all about it and went to Walmart to buy her some GasX. The next morning, our entire bedroom smelled like dog fart (I’m sorry if you don’t want to hear about all this, but owning a pet can be gross, and I want to prepare you in case you are thinking of adopting)! I was actually happy about it because that meant she was still expending what had built up in her system. I went to work for a couple hours and when I got home, the smell had permeated the rest of the apartment. It was time to open some windows…

I think it’s safe to say we did in fact have a bloat scare and that she is through the worst of it. Her belly is (mostly) back to its original size, she’s eating normally, and was just as rambunctious this morning as she usually is. Thank goodness… I would be beside myself if anything were to happen to her!


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