Barking at Strangers

Sometimes, we just don’t feel like cooking, nor do we feel like going out on the town (having to dress up and all that). On nights like that, we are so thankful for delivery services. While we hadn’t had to cook all weekend, Monday ended up being one of those nights.

Now, we’ve ordered deliveries to our house since we adopted Sammie, with the only trouble being she wanted to go out and greet them with a good sniff. Oh no! Not Monday. You’d think we had a vicious guard dog or something. The gentleman started walking down the stairs to our door when Sammie began barking her head off and lunging at the door. Aaron had to grab hold of her collar so I could open the door and take our food. Thankfully, our delivery guy seemed unperturbed that our dog was yelling at him, and once I closed the door she stopped. She seemed satisfied at that point that he wasn’t coming to harm her people and had actually brought something that smelled delicious…

What a nut we have! Hopefully this doesn’t become the norm for her.


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