Snuggle Bugs

I so wish my phone would capture great pictures at night. Or that my movements wouldn’t disturb those sleeping around me. Last night, ALL last night, Sammie slept in bed with us – including our cats. I thought about making a diagram for you, but that seemed kinda weird. So I’ll try and paint you a picture with words:

Sammie has been in her kennel a lot the past couple days with everything we’ve had going on in the evenings. Feeling really bad about this, Aaron decided she should sleep with us. Of course, I was all for that! So we crawl into bed and Sammie lays along Aaron’s legs, taking up almost half the bed in doing so. We have a king size, so we weren’t cramped for space and laughed it off. One time in the night when I turned over, I woke to two little piles of fur laying in their typical spots beside me: Frou up against my pillow cuddled close and Tubby further down by my stomach. At this point, I wonder if Sammie is still laying with us and look around. It was too dark to make out any details (plus I’m blind as a bat without my contacts), but sure enough: there’s still a large dark mass cuddled up with Aaron’s legs. Every so often in the night, I would wake up to the same scene above, always wondering if Sammie was still there with us, and always pleasantly surprised to find she was.

As the sun came out, Sammie started getting restless and came to check in on me. As she moved, the cats darted away, never to return. In their place, I got a couple big sloppy dog kisses! However, instead of curling up with me again like she did the last time she laid in bed with us (it was so precious!), she went back to her spot by Aaron and slept until our alarm went off. Of course, he gloated about that this morning, but I didn’t mind. That meant I could have all the ones I love with me in bed, and I couldn’t have woken up any happier.



  1. scarlybobs · October 17, 2014

    Oh gosh, our bed is a 3/4 bed (in between a single and a double) and we have Kasper sleep with us all night, and Zoey joins us early morning…it’s bad enough with just Kasper who is a complete bed hog, but when Zoey joins us there is no room at all for my partner XD

    Having dogs sleep in the bed with you is so special though 🙂


    • Saving Sammie · October 17, 2014

      I absolutely agree! Ours is just made more special because the cats and dog can lay together in peace in that small area. That in itself is huge!


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