Wild Night

Last night was Thursday (in case you had lost track), which meant Aaron was off bowling leaving Sammie and me to ourselves for the evening. I gave her heartworm medication and flea/tick preventative, cleaned out her ears (to which she protested very loudly), and tried to play with her outside. She was too distracted by that, so I brought her inside for a play session and the girl went WILD.

She would happily bound after the thrown Kong, and we worked on her “drop it” skills (which are becoming much improved). Other times she would take the Kong around the living room, playing with it herself. During those moments, I would try to get in some other tasks that needed to be done, like feeding myself. Unfortunately, as soon as I stopped paying attention to her, she would come and wallop all over me. If I moved to the couch or recliner, she would try and join me. Despite what Aaron might believe, I would throw her off with a “no!” and only praise her when she was sitting and calm. When she realized that wasn’t an option, she’d make mischief with the cats and get them all riled up. At that point, I’d try and give the cats a little peace of mind and would again get on the floor to throw her Kong for her. We went through this several times before I took us to our bed where she settled down almost immediately. Finally, 30 minutes of quiet…

When Aaron got back from bowling, we took Sammie through the circuit Aaron made for her. We’re surrounded not only by fields, trees, and houses, but also by commercial properties with very large parking lots. At night, they are mostly empty and make for a perfect place to walk her off-leash. There are just enough places to sniff out that she doesn’t get bored, and it’s wide open enough that we can keep her in sight without any trouble. The only difficulty is when we get closer to our house and she goes back in the fields and woods to explore. Aaron says she normally pops out quickly after he calls to her, but that didn’t happen last night. We called and whistled and bird-called her for a long while before she finally popped out. By that time, we had neighbors that we can’t see yelling “HEEYYY!!” to us like they wanted to chat. I wonder if she goes and visits anyone while she’s down there or if she’s using her nose to flush out some wildlife. Aaron thinks it’s the latter, but I’m not entirely convinced. Our girl sure loves people!

Luckily, we’re headed BACK to my parents’ for the weekend – there’s a fundraiser we have tickets for. Hopefully Boomer will wear her out again!


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