Traveling (Again)

imageI think it’s time we stay home for a weekend! All this traveling has us worn out. We have no plans for this weekend, so I think we’ll keep it that way.

This past weekend was spent with my parents attending a Rotary fundraiser: a dinner (SO DELICIOUS) and auction, and for the first time, I didn’t have to leave early due to sickness! Woo! Unfortunately for us? We didn’t win anything… All that time there was still definitely worth it, though. We got to dress up a little bit, and I introduced him to more people from the community. Aaron’s now even interested in joining Rotary with me!

While we enjoyed the quality time with family, we are still a little worried by how Sammie conducts herself while she’s there. She didn’t gorge herself to the same extent as she did last weekend; instead, she tore up one of my parents’ lounge chair cushions. They were nice and said it needed to be replaced anyway, but this cannot keep happening! She doesn’t do this out of boredom – she has Boomer to play with when she’s (very briefly) unsupervised outside. So what’s the deal? I think we may need to look into obedience classes. It would help us manage her behaviors better, give her and me some bonding time, and allow me to work on my obedience consistency, which is somewhat lacking. Maybe we could find a class for Thursday night while Aaron is at bowling!

Anyway, she and Boomer continue to amaze me with their relationship. When they are outside, they run and run and run after each other. It’s pretty common to hear loud ker-plunks along the deck before you see two dark streaks tear by. Outside, Sammie is in her element. Inside, however, is Boomer’s territory. When they’re in, Sammie compromises her play style for his and wrestles him across the floor. He’s not afraid to tell her when he’s had enough, but she’s not afraid to let him know she wants to keep playing. It’s adorable and I love how well they get along. I also love how much he wears her out!

Here are some other pictures from the weekend:

The last two pictures are from last night when we went to bed. Sammie was exhausted and began snoring as soon as she laid down, which was in what was possibly the WORST place. I am under the purple blanket, while Aaron is under the green quilt. As a reminder, we have a king-size bed, so Aaron won out as far as space is concerned last night. Even though she was on my side of the bed, the kitties felt comfortable enough to come over and snuggle with me wherever they could fit (basically I had to angle myself inward, leaving them room on the edge of the bed by my pillow).

The things we do for our pets…



  1. adamslittlesunshine · October 20, 2014

    You are so beautiful!


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