Back to Her Bouncy Self

Looks like I may be “that” dog momma – the one that worries at the slightest difference in appetite, behavior, etc. I’m not going to apologize for it, since that will no doubt come in handy someday. In the meantime, it means I get stressed for nothing.

When I got home, she was sitting up and alert in her kennel. I took her out to potty, which she promptly did, before we came in for lunch. She was still not entirely herself, laying around in the kitchen with me (although it’s significantly better than holed up in her kennel), until daddy got home. At that point, she became her typical bouncy, full of energy self. Damn them both – Aaron and I are always trying to figure out who is the favorite, and that is not winning me points. For once, I don’t really care: we have our girl back!

That doesn’t exactly tell me why her belly is swollen, but it puts my mind at ease. As long as she’s acting like herself, there’s not much to worry about. Like everyone has pointed out to me, she probably just got into something nasty down in the field that isn’t sitting well with her. Sooner or later it will make itself apparent (I just hope it’s around Aaron so I don’t have to deal with it or clean it up! haha).

Thank you, fellow readers, for putting my mind at ease…


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