Catching Up

Thank you everyone for the well wishes yesterday! Sammie continues to be her goofy, loving self and I am incredibly relieved. For interested parties, here’s a picture I took of her and her swollen belly last night:


As you may or may not be able to tell, her belly shape is a bit too round. It looked better this morning, but I gave her less food than she’s accustomed to to make sure it stays that way.

Aside from the fright she gave us yesterday, our weekend was fairly quiet. It was our first weekend home in a long while, so we made sure we did some deep cleaning, much needed shopping, and recuperating from our travels. We were apparently not the only ones who needed a bit of rest; all the animals had lazy weekends as well.



Frou was either curled up with us, not leaving us with free hands to take her picture, or was hidden in one of her favorite spots, not to be bothered. However, last night she got brave and curled up nice and close to Sammie:


They’re going to be friends someday, I just know it!


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