German SHEDders

There are two very loving monikers German Shepherd owners have given our beloved pets: German SHEDders and German SHREDders, both of which I have found to be fairly accurate (although Sammie tends to only shred plush things when she’s left to her own devices).

I have yet to find a way to cure her shredding tendencies, but I have a successful method of cleaning up all that hair – and with two fluffy cats in the mix, there’s a LOT. It’s my vacuum: the Dyson DC41 Animal Upright.

You can’t buy that model from Dyson anymore, but they do have three other “for pet owner” options (details here, here, and here), and THEY ARE AWESOME. When I pet Sammie, I can collect a nice little pile of fur, but I don’t realize how much fur is stuck in the carpet and corners from her just walking around until I get out my Dyson. I’m shocked and amazed (and let’s be honest, a little disgusted) by how much that thing sucks up every week.

It’s generally about this full…

Everyone is always talking about their favorite pet products – Bark Boxes, collars, toys, etc., but I think my favorite is my vacuum. Any similar products you would recommend?

P.S. I am telling you this simply because I love this product, not because they have paid me or given it to me to try (although I would always take a free Dyson product – they tend to be pricey, and I was only able to afford my Dyson because it was my Christmas present last year. THANKS MOM AND DAD!!!).



  1. scarlybobs · October 30, 2014

    Haha you know what’s funny? My Christmas present last year was a Henry hoover! 😀

    That has also lasted well. Usually our vacuums break within six months due to the amount of dog hair they suck up, but this vacuum has lasted close to a year now – not bad! I’ll definitely be taking a look at the Dyson vacuums too though, just in case! 😉

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  2. wallaceandsamuel · October 31, 2014

    Goodness that is one fantastic vacuum – we don’t get Dyson here in South Africa.
    Wally & Sammy


    • Saving Sammie · October 31, 2014

      Oh really? What kind of vacuum do you use??


      • wallaceandsamuel · November 4, 2014

        We have an Electrolux. We get mostly European makes here in South Africa.


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