Happy Halloween!

Last night was pretty quiet. Aaron had bowling so it was just me and the furry, four legged creatures all evening. Sammie’s had quite a bit of excess energy lately, so I took her outside and let her sniff around a bit in the field, never letting her get too far away from me. She really wanted to go for a walk, but I don’t feel comfortable taking her by myself. I can’t whistle to call her back quick!!

So after she did some sniffing around outside, we came in and I threw the Kong for her. She’s getting really good at ‘Drop it!’ but she is too smart for her own good. She’ll drop it and then bend down and chew on it. I make sure I only praise her for a job well done when she’s dropped it and leaves it.

After a while, she didn’t seem to want to give it up, so I decided to help her work on her nose skills. I got little handfuls of food and hid them around the living room or bedroom (nothing out of sight since she’s still learning). She picked up on what she was supposed to do quickly, and I had to point out where she should look less and less. I could also actually HEAR her sniffing around by the end, which was awesome.

Then I took some time to myself and painted for the first time in a LOOOONNNGGGG time. I’m debating whether you want to see it or not!

Then we went and picked up Aaron, which is when I snapped the following:


It’s as spooky as we’re getting this year!


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