Peace is Declared (Sorta)!

I hate these time changes we go through – they seem completely unnecessary. Instead of getting dark around 7pm, it gets dark at 6pm! That’s only an hour after I get off work (even less time by the time I get home). How on earth will that leave us time for some fun at the dog park?? Not to worry, I think we have a plan: Aaron just sold his truck (yayy!!), so once he gets a new vehicle, he will take Sammie to the DP when he gets off work and I will meet them there. Problem solved!

The time change doesn’t just mess with planning our time, though. It has also messed with our pets’ internal schedules. Being fed at 7:30am is actually like being fed at 8:30am and this can NOT be tolerated! So we hear about it – incessantly. Starting waayyyy before our alarm actually goes off until we’re about to walk out the door. To give them credit, we did move the cats’ bowls to a higher place in the laundry room so they have a little bit of peace while they eat and the dog can’t steal their food while we’re not looking. They still haven’t quite gotten used to the idea, which I think contributes to all the whining.

Despite everyone’s schedules being off, bedtime has remained sacred to all. Sammie has done so well at night sleeping with us (albeit hogging the bed) that she hasn’t spent a night in her kennel in a long while. She has officially made my side of the bed her side of the bed (giving me plenty of ammunition to declare myself her favorite) and has quit laying in my foot space – instead, laying more along the sides of my legs. From previous descriptions of our sleeping arrangements, some of you may be wondering, “What about the cats?” Well, they still come and snuggle with their momma. In fact, I have even woken up to them by my head, dog along my legs, AND THEM TOUCHING IN THE MIDDLE!!! I was so startled and still so sleepy that I didn’t take a picture, but Aaron did last night. I’ll be posting it when he finally emails it to me at lunch [UPDATE: Photo can be found here].

This peace they have declared has not been extended to the daylight hours, but we continue to see improvements every week! Be sure and check back soon for that picture I promised…


One comment

  1. wallaceandsamuel · November 4, 2014

    We don’t have daylight savings here in SA, so we always find it amusing when our friends in the US and UK start reminding each other to turn their clocks backwards / forwards.

    We hope you all settle in to the new, shorter (?) days.
    Wally & Sammy


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