Still no photo from Aaron – his phone is a POS and he can’t text anyone who doesn’t have iChat.

Anyway! I’ve been more exhausted than usual this past week, and I’m not sure why. On Saturday, I took a three hour nap and a two hour nap. Sunday, I took another three hour nap!! Yeah. I’m not joking here: exhausted. I say all this because last night, we spent almost three hours at the dealership getting Aaron a new-to-him Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. It’s fire engine red, rides so smoothly, and is so incredibly quiet! Basically, the complete opposite from his last truck. By the time we got home, I was (again) drained and ready to be done for the evening. I ate a little dinner, had a glass of wine, and was OUT.

While I was sleeping, Aaron and Sammie had quite the adventure!

  1. When Aaron took Sammie out to potty last night, she went #2. Instead of a clean break, however, she had a little clinger and FREAKED OUT. He said she ran around like her bum was on fire before coming into our covered porch and cowering under our grill. I wish I had been there for that!!
  2. They went on a much-needed walk last night, and Sammie again got into something interesting in the brush behind our apartment. Apparently, she re-emerged in the front of our place, where she took another poo (this would be our neighbor’s yard, who has a couple chihuahuas – oops!).
  3. She had major zooms in the house. She’s NOT quiet when she gets these, but I slept right through it. Aaron decided he should take her outside again and run her a bit…
  4. …So he took her Kong with him. They went out into the big parking lot next to our place where he threw it for her. Well, I guess she wasn’t running all that much because it wasn’t going too far, so he decided to REALLY bounce it. The way he described it was hilarious this morning, I wish I could convey his facial expressions!! So it bounced and hopped and wouldn’t stop!! It bounced all across the parking lot, Sammie in hot pursuit, right into the grasses behind our place. Of course, there’s a really steep hill from there, and Aaron is waiting for Sammie to come back with it. Well, she of course doesn’t come up – she’s gotten into whatever is so interesting down there again. At this point, I guess, he decides to go in after her. And the Kong is gone! He searched for it where he thought it should be without any luck. Maybe we’ll have better luck in the daylight! I sure hope so – she loves that thing.

I guess this is when they came back inside and got me off the couch and into bed. And after me giving her so much praise yesterday, she didn’t sleep with us last night. She was a little too rambunctious in bed and threw her head up into Aaron’s, giving him a fat lip! Hopefully we go to the dog park tonight (hopefully the weather is nice by then) and let her run off some of that excess energy she’s built up. And hopefully I finally get rested up!!



  1. wallaceandsamuel · November 4, 2014

    BOL!! That was quite the adventure indeed! Has the Kong been found? We’d be beside ourselves if one of ours went missing.
    Wally & Sammy


    • Saving Sammie · November 5, 2014

      No, unfortunately. Aaron ended up going to Petsmart and buying her a new one!


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