I Had a PLAN

This weekend, Aaron and I left town to dog sit for his mom and step-dad. We were so excited that they and their pups would finally get to meet Sammie! They have two Boston terriers, and we just KNEW Sammie and Matley (the youngest) would get along wonderfully with all their crazy puppy energy.

I documented the trip in pictures on my phone – because who carries around a big nice camera with them everywhere they go? I should, really. I always hate how blurry/pixelated my phone pics are. Anyway! I had a plan to share those pictures with you today and tell you all about our trip.

Guess who forgot their phone at home this morning? Yep! This girl. But I go home for lunch, so I figured it wouldn’t be a big deal – I’d just write my post this afternoon. It’s afternoon, and guess who forgot her phone at home AGAIN? Yep – me. So I’ll leave you hanging with that opening paragraph and tell you instead about my anxious morning.

Since my boyfriend and I live in an apartment, when things start to fall apart, we call our landlord to have them fixed. We informed him of a few issues with our place when we last turned in rent, and he called yesterday to let us know that today would be the day he drops by to fix those items. Having someone I don’t really know come into my house when I’m not there makes me nervous anyway, but the fact that we still haven’t told our landlord about Sammie made this trip even more worrisome… Don’t judge! She’s been great and you really wouldn’t know a dog lives there, we keep it so clean and smelling nice. However, that created a bit of a dilemma for us today – what do we do with the dog? Our solution? Put the dog crate in our walk-in closet and keep the door only cracked, not wide-open like we normally do (ventilation kept me from closing it all the way).

I sat here at my desk at work all morning, waiting to hear from Aaron that our landlord had called and complained about the dog we’ve been hiding, demanding to know how long she has been living there with us. The hours ticked by so slowly that I called him a couple times “to chat” but really ask whether he’d heard anything yet. Nothing. It was KILLING me. Had they been there, then, or were they taking their sweet time about it? Would they still be there when we came home for lunch? If so, what were we going to do about Sammie? If not, what would we come home TO? The suspense was killing me!

Instead, we came home as they were pulling out of our driveway and entered to find everything fixed, the door to our closet still only cracked, and a pooch that was happy to see her people. No phone call. No note. Nothing to suggest they know about her.

How on earth did we get so lucky? I’m hoping that this is it for necessary repairs, and that we can drag Sammie’s crate back out of the closet to its rightful place by our bed. If we do get a phone call later today, may it only be about the updates done to our place….

Until tomorrow, when I finish my tale of the family meet-and-greet!


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