Everything you’ve heard about Missouri is correct. Yesterday’s high was 71°F and today’s high is only 43°F. I’m not ready for this yet!

But I’m on my phone and can finally tell you about our weekend. We took Sammie to Aaron’s mom and step dad’s house to dog sit and so everyone could meet. The people loved Sammie – they thought she was the perfect size and just absolutely beautiful. The dogs, however, were not fans. Addison is too deaf and blind to really realize that there was a new pooch present, but Matley, the baby, did and resented her for it. She would snarl and then lunge at her, which we would all immediately yell at her for, which I don’t think brought Sammie into her good graces. Finally, we were sick of them not getting along so we kenneled them next to each other.


Things did seem a little better after that, especially since they slept that way too, but not much. Maybe it would have been better if we hadn’t brought Sammie into Matley’s territory.

The good news is the parents now all approve, and, as usual, Sammie rode in the car really well. I had to take some pictures!

It got strange when she started sniffing the air coming out of the vents… We’re talking for about half an hour!! It was ridiculous and we can’t figure out why.

In addition, I finally have that picture I promised last week of the kitties snuggled with Sammie while everyone was sleeping! Here you go:



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