I Love This Dog

Can we just take a moment so I can tell you how much I love this dog of mine?

She is always there to cheer me up, and even when she’s getting into things she shouldn’t, I can’t help but laugh at her antics.

Remember when I told you she thinks she’s sneaky? She’s taken it to a whole new level. Instead of getting into her excited stance (head down, butt up in the air) when she sees the cats and wants to play, she does it and then ssstrreeetttchhhhesss out like, “What? A cat? Oh I didn’t see it there…” Cracks me up every time.

Then there are the times she takes her Nylabones and plays with them all by herself – tossing them in the air, bouncing them, etc. I captured these photos the other day at lunch while we were playing:

I love this girl and how happy she is with life ALL THE TIME, not just while we’re playing. It helps to cheer me up, too. However, I think my favorite moments are the ones I can’t capture and share. The ones that I have to keep alive in my mind because any attempts to capture them would ruin them.

Like when I go to bed with her laying down by my feet and wake up to her slobbery kisses as she readjusts to move even closer to me. I hug her tight and go back to sleep, only to be woken by the same process again and again. I may tell her it’s not time to wake up yet, cover my face with the blankets to try and hide from the slobbery kisses she insists on giving me, but at the same time, I value each one and love the new morning ritual.

There are also those moments of calm when we can both lay awake, her head snuggled in the crook of my arm, looking at me with all the trust and love in the world. I hope that she sees the same as I stare back…

And then there are the gut-wrenching moments when I leave her in the mornings or at lunch to go back to work. The way she looks at me always hurts – it’s as if she’s pleading with me to let her come with me. I wish I could be one of those people who works from home, spending all my time fighting the cats in my lap or laying on my keyboard or Sammie trying to distract me by bringing me her toys to throw over and over again.

I want each moment to last, but it never does. Instead, I hold on for as long as possible and treasure each memory as I make it. If that means fewer pictures – or fewer QUALITY photos, I’m okay with it. Because I love this dog and to her, all that matters is the here and now.


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