We Have a Bed-Wetter…

Since we’ve had her, Sammie has been fantastic about not having accidents in the house. There are really only two that I can think of, and both have occurred after she had been in her kennel for a while but before she could go outside. She was just too excited to see us! Poor girl was so self-conscious of it, too…

That being said, we’ve now had TWO incidents of her wetting the bed in the past couple weeks. The first time, we didn’t even realize it until the next morning (GROSS!!), and it seemed like a very small amount once we got to stripping the sheets. The second time, I had gone to sleep and when Aaron came in to join me, he noticed another spot. He got me up (barely – I think I sat on the floor and fell back asleep) so he could take the sheets off the bed and put new ones on. That was a couple nights ago, and needless to say, she hasn’t joined us in bed since.

wpid-20141112_213046.jpgCould it be her excitement to be in bed with us? Could it be from seeing the cats and wanting to play with them? It can’t be from just really needing to go because Aaron said he had taken her out not long before! Whatever the reason, I miss my new-found snuggle buddy…

Anyone else have an animal bed wetter? What did you do to solve the issue?



  1. Will and Eko · November 20, 2014

    With female pups, one thing to check for with unexplained accidents like this would be a UTI. Worth a look to at least check off the list of possibilities.


  2. Nikitaland · November 20, 2014

    To save your mattress, get a fitted waterproof sheet. I would limit her time on the bed until you figure out what is causing this, but I would increase the times you take her out to potty. Our little girl, Bella, always has to go out before bed time so we have no accidents. Nikita, our big girl, always sleeps in the bed between us, but has never had an accident. We slowly introduced her to the bed when she was little. When she was a pup, she slept in her crate every night, until she grew out of it. Then we got her a nice comfy pet bed to sleep on next to the bed, then we tried out her sleeping on the bed. It was a slow process, but it worked. Good luck to you my friend. It is a slow process to figure out certain things, but being persistent is a must in learning about your dog.


    • Saving Sammie · November 20, 2014

      Luckily, we already have a waterproof mattress pad. She’s slept with us for almost a month now, with these two accidents happening close together just recently. She’s two and potty trained, so it’s been very strange! I’ll have to look into Will’s idea of a possible UTI :/


  3. Nikitaland · November 20, 2014

    I believe that a UTI can be handled with antibiotics and it works quickly. Do you have snow where you are? Check her urine.


    • Saving Sammie · November 20, 2014

      Not any more. We had 40 degree weather yesterday and it all melted. She’s seemed okay, though – just licking (nothing abnormal) and the two recent bed accidents.


  4. olivenlily · November 20, 2014

    Oh poor Sammy. Olive does that when she has a UTI as well. Some veterinarians will let you collect and drop off a urine sample if they have seen your pet recently so you don’t have to pay an office fee (and you were just there!) If it is a UTI I can recommend some great supplements and tips!

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    • olivenlily · November 20, 2014

      Whoops, my phone autocorrected her name! Poor Sammie* (it’s important to correct that, Sammie would agree I’m sure) ☺️


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