Five Days Away From My Babies!

We’re traveling to Aaron’s dad’s house again for Thanksgiving. This time, we’re not dropping Sammie off with my parents. We’re not even dropping her off with friends. We’re boarding her.

We went by and checked the place out last night. She came recommended by some of Aaron’s coworkers and seems really nice. She’s also kind of chatty, which I like. She lives on a farm and the dogs stay in the basement of her house – nice and warm in a place where she could easily hear them and go to check on them. She has grassy exercise areas with agility jumps in them. She asked lots of questions and says she loves German Shepherds. She had quite a few ribbons on the walls from her days of showing horses so seems like an all-around animal lover.

I’m still nervous, though. Sammie hasn’t been away from us for this long before, and she’s never been dropped off at a stranger’s house. Will she miss us? Will she think we’re giving her up like others have done? Will she have fun? She has to have fun… There will be so many other pooches around for her to play with! And we’re coming back. It’ll be a great way to show her we’ll ALWAYS come back.

My cats are staying in our apartment for those five days. I have a friend coming over tonight to see where their favorite hiding spots are and where I keep the food. She said she’d check in on them for me, and I told her she wouldn’t even have to every day. Maybe just Friday for a little bit… Leaving them alone for that long makes me sad though, even though my friend loves cats and has three of her own.

Basically, I’m gonna miss my babies…



  1. Nikitaland · November 25, 2014

    I’m sitting here looking at my two dogs and I could never leave them for five days! I would miss them way too much! The only time they are left alone is just when I make a trip to the store, or head out to dinner somewhere. It has to be hard for you to leave your babies, and I bet you will think of them every second. If you were closer to me, I would have taken Sammie in for you! ❤


    • Saving Sammie · November 25, 2014

      I hate leaving her to go to work every day. Oh I wish I could bring her with us! This is going to be so hard… I keep telling myself we’ll all have fun and be just fine.

      If I lived closer to you, I would definitely take you up on that offer! We both would have loved it!!


      • Nikitaland · November 25, 2014

        I am lucky that I get to stay at home with the dogs, so they always have my company. This is all that they are used to, and if I had to work, it would kill them and ruin their routines. We sell on eBay and I take care of our business, and I also personally make items to sell too! I am actually designing some “Industrial Dog Leash Hooks” to sell!

        Sammie would have loved playing with our dogs!

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  2. wallaceandsamuel · November 25, 2014

    Five days…that’s ruff butt it will be ok.
    Travel safe
    Wally & Sammy


    • Saving Sammie · November 26, 2014

      Thanks Wally and Sammy! We’re watching the weather and hoping it stays clear for us.


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