Watching vs. Listening to TV

Sammie’s not often interested in watching TV with us. When Aaron and I settle in for the evening, she voluntarily goes to her pad and lays down to sleep – unless we’re on the floor, in which case she snuggles close. However, when she hears dogs barking, puppies yipping, wolves howling, etc., she’s on alert. She cocks her head, comes in close, and looks around for the creature that’s making the noise – surely it’s not coming from THAT thing… It can hold her attention for a long time, almost as long as the animal noises continue.

wpid-20141119_201711.jpgThe cats, on the other hand, don’t care about noises they hear coming from the TV. Maybe they’re used to it by now, or maybe they realize that it is in fact coming from the weird flat thing their people are always staring at. Although, Tubby has exhibited a curious fascination with bears… He watched the documentary from my stomach/chest for a long time before moving to the floor, where he sat like this for quite some time. I’m glad I finally had the thought to take a picture of it! The cats also interested in the typical mouse-on-screen, moving screen savers, and other computer related things.

Random, I know. But I thought the differences pretty interesting – Sammie is definitely more interested in sounds, while Tubby and Frou are more interested in movement. Has anyone else noticed this behavior in their pets? Or does it change depending on the individual?



  1. scarlybobs · December 5, 2014

    Kasper and Zoey don’t care about TV noises…actually no, when we first got Kasper he barked at every doorbell noise on TV!! Four years with us never having a doorbell, he still alerts to it XD

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  2. Nikitaland · December 5, 2014

    Both Nikita and Bella listen to the TV, and when we leave the house for a little bit, we always leave the TV on so they can hear it. We kinda feel that it gives them some company in our absence. But when they hear a dog bark on TV (we watch COPS all the time, so there are lots of police dogs on there barking at bad guys), both Nikita and Bella sit up and look around as if to try to figure out where the dog sound is coming from.

    That is a good point you made. I agree that dogs seem to listen, and cats seem to watch.


    • Saving Sammie · December 6, 2014

      That is too funny! We also watch our fair share of COPS and she does the exact same thing…


      • Nikitaland · December 6, 2014

        I think Nikita wants to be a COPS K9, but only if we can get all the bad boys to have treats in their pockets for her to sniff them out of the bushes! LOL

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