So THAT’S What Blankets are For…

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  1. Will and Eko · December 10, 2014

    Uh oh, once you go blankets, you can never go back! My two will toss and whine on cold days if they don’t have a warm blanket to cozy up with.


    • Saving Sammie · December 10, 2014

      She was too funny last night! We left the girly, multi-colored blanket on the recliner, with just a little bit pooled on the floor. Of all the places she could have laid, she chose that blanketed spot, begging for the rest to come down. When Aaron pulled it over her, it was lights out! She even found a pillow to rest her head on. It was so precious!


  2. wallaceandsamuel · December 11, 2014

    Oh Sammie, it doesn’t get better than that!!
    Happy snooze-a-rooing in your warm blankie.
    Wally & Sammy

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