Gifts to Buy

My parents invited Aaron and me to a Christmas party they’re hosting Friday night, but I’ve decided to stay home. I still have some last minute shopping to do. Here’s my list as it currently stands:

  1. Mom
  2. Dad
  3. Brother
  4. Gram
  5. Gramp
  6. Grandpa
  7. Basically Grandma
  8. Local Bestie
  9. Coworker
  10. Aaron
  11. Aaron’s mom + step dad
  12. Aaron’s dad + step mom
  13. Aaron’s brother + sister-in-law
  14. Aaron’s grandparents

Looking over the list, I realized I’ve left off three very important members of our family: our pets!

Frou-Frou and Mr. Tubs have lots of little mice, balls, catnip fruit, etc. that they’ve acquired over the past two years. However, they always seem to disappear under the furniture or some mysterious black hole I have wherever I live. So this year, I’m thinking they’re going to get some toys on a string. We hold on to them, making them less likely to disappear, and it’s interactive in that WE are playing with the cats, instead of them playing on their own. As much as they love to “hunt,” this should be perfect for them.

Sammie’s a little more difficult to buy for. With her food allergy, we can’t get her a nice juicy bone to gnaw on. She’d also destroy any kind of bed/crate cushion we might want her to have – basically anything plush is a no. We like to get her things that will LAST, hence her Nylabone, NylaDental, and Kong. So here’s what I’m thinking: some kind of puzzle toy we can put in her kennel while we’re gone (after she’s gotten the hang of it a little bit) and/or an antler. I think they’re fairly hypoallergenic and last much longer than other kinds of chews we could get her. Thanks to Marking Our Territory, I have a pretty good idea of where I could get one at a reasonable price (Michigan Antler Art) – but I don’t know if it would get here in time for Christmas!! I’m checking it out now.

So what about you? What’s on your pets’ wish list? How much shopping do you still have? Only 13 days left!!


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