Leaps of Faith

This was a big weekend for our girl, Sammie. Not because we did anything too terribly exciting, but because she did so well in some new situations!

Friday night, Aaron and I went to his unofficial office Christmas party. It was a lot of fun, but we were out late. Sammie slept with us and woke us up pretty early, much to Aaron’s consternation. With that extra time, we took her to the dog park and I finally remembered to check in to the Walk for a Dog app I wrote about before.* We were there for less time than I was hoping for, but that was mostly because all the dogs left about 5 minutes after we arrived. Boo!

Shortly thereafter, Aaron left to go visit his mom and bartend for his step-dad’s office Christmas party. That left me and my fur babies all by ourselves! I went shopping and was gone a lot longer than I expected (2 whole hours!) but did get a lot accomplished. I picked out some pots and pans for myself for Christmas from my grandma and got everything together for my own office Christmas exchange.

New Situation #1: While I was out, I ran into my local bestie and agreed on dinner at her place since Aaron was gone. I asked if I could bring Sammie and she readily agreed. Sammie did so well! Her cats weren’t thrilled with the situation, and Sammie was overly excited to see them, but no one was injured in the process. In fact, nothing was even knocked over! My friend has wood floors and tile throughout her place, so it was difficult for anyone to gain any traction – wish you all could have seen it. It was hilarious! The rest of the evening was really quiet. Sammie let us know when she needed to go outside, she listened pretty well, and laid around with us while we ate and chatted. So proud!

The next morning, Sammie had me up before 6am to let her out, but then she snuggled back up with me and let me sleep in until about 9:30am. I think I’ve told you before how she likes to snuggle and spoon, and yesterday morning was no different – only this time, she was on her back, legs straight up and behind her head. It was beyond precious. I love that girl…

New Situation #2: After I got up, I worked around the house doing laundry, cleaning dishes, etc. I knew what I wanted to make for lunch/dinner, but needed some ingredients at the grocery store. Wanting to see how she’d do, and knowing I wouldn’t be gone long, I decided to LEAVE SAMMIE OUT and not put her in her kennel. She was posted up in the same place she was when I left and nothing was torn up or destroyed when I got back. I’m again VERY proud of her! Hopefully we can work our way up to longer periods of time until she doesn’t have to be kenneled at all!!

*On a side note, this app does even more cool things than I realized. When you go to your ‘History’, it pulls up all the different times you’ve logged in and walked your dog. If you click on an instance, it pulls up a map of where you’ve walked, how far you walked, average speed of your walk, and how long you walked. Is that not awesome?! Aaron thought it a little creepy…



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