Safe Place

Happy Thursday!

For Christmas this year, Aaron and I asked for a new mattress. The one (haha! two twin mattresses pushed together, actually) we have is stiff and old and hurts our backs. The new one should be here sometime next week, and I’m beyond excited about it! It’s full memory foam, so I’m curious how Sammie and the cats will feel about it. I expect it will be a little squishier than everyone’s currently used to, but I’m hoping it’ll help Sammie not move around as much at night.

She’s been taking up a LOT of the bed lately, which Aaron has started complaining about. Since she lays on my side, she pushes me into HIS side, leaving him with less and less room. As we all adjust to each other, she’ll sometimes get up and check on us. Last night, this entailed giving me some sloppy kisses before flopping down ACROSS US BOTH. I thought it sweet and giggled, but Aaron didn’t appreciate her show of affection. She was banned to her kennel.

When that happens, I don’t think she minds too much. She loves that thing – it’s her safe place. In the mornings after Aaron’s left and I’m finishing getting ready, she kennels of her own accord and just sits or lays there patiently.


Please ignore the clothes at the fringe of the picture – her kennel is in our closet so we have more space around our bed.

It’s even become difficult to coax her out for our daily snuggle! Perhaps this new mattress will change that, too.

Besides going to her kennel in the mornings, when she gets in too much trouble – like last night when I caught her with her paws on the counter! – she’ll go to her safe place for a mini time out. It always makes me feel bad for scolding her, but I’m glad she has somewhere that’s just hers. This will be especially important as I start leaving her out for longer and longer periods of time when I run errands around town.

The only other news I have is that it is snowing again, and pretty hard! I should be able to get some great pictures of Sammie over lunch, or maybe even right after work (although it’s always dark by then). She loves the snow, and a snowy landscape always makes for some pretty great pictures.


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