Stranger Danger

Sammie apparently had quite the morning today! Aaron took her out to potty, and as they were standing there, a man came up out of the field and woods behind our house with a flashlight. It freaked Sammie out – she ran over to Aaron and started barking at the stranger incessantly. That, in turn, freaked the stranger out and he quickly cut a different path. It being 7 o’clock, Aaron brought Sammie inside to quiet her down but decided to stay outside – for what, he didn’t tell me.

Even though she was inside, she let out a couple barks to ward off the stranger (which made me jump because I had no idea what was going on and she’s not normally a vocal dog). I guess at this point, Aaron said hello to the guy but didn’t ask what he was doing. I wish he had! The whole thing is just too weird for me…

The experience left Sammie on edge the rest of the morning. As usual, when I started brushing my teeth (I don’t think she likes the noise my electric toothbrush makes), she went into her kennel. When I was done and wanting to love on her, I had a REALLY hard time getting her to come to me. When she did, she seemed uncertain and had her butt hackles raised. I grabbed my phone to take a picture, but that made her dart back into her safe place. It was only when I was leaving the bedroom to get a bone for her that she strode out with me. She didn’t want to stay in the living room, though. She led me back to our bedroom, grabbed the bone, and went back into her kennel. I decided at that point to let her be and closed her in for the day.

On a more positive note: When she WAS out with me loving on her, she and Tubby came nose to nose! Neither did anything to cause alarm – they just checked the other out before separating. Yayyy!!!

And, while it DID snow yesterday, it didn’t stick. No pretty pictures. Boo.



  1. Albert the Dog · December 19, 2014

    Creepy! Sounds like Sammie was doing a good job trying to protect her people.


  2. adamslittlesunshine · December 19, 2014

    Great call Sammie!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. noodle4president · December 20, 2014

    Go, Sammie! Us dogs don’t like it when strangers sneak up on our family.

    Liked by 1 person

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