All is Calm

I have had an absolutely amazing holiday, and I hope you all did as well. I just feel blessed beyond words for the people I have in my life.

Christmas Eve was spent with Aaron’s family, and what a time we had! While everyone stayed up well into the early hours of Christmas, I went to bed early. I just can’t do it any more. Here’s to hoping I can stay up late enough to bring in the new year…

The next day, we all woke up early and opened the presents under the tree. Don’t think Sammie was left out – she got a couple squeaker toys! They look like they’re pretty tough, so I hope they hold up well. She and Matley (the littlest Boston terrier) became good friends the night before, but it was all jealousy the next day. Matley decided she didn’t want the fox she got – she wanted Sammie’s rope stuffie instead! Sammie didn’t care for that too much and snapped at her, which I promptly scolded her for. I ended up just taking it away from everyone and packing it up to give to Sammie later.

We then drove to my parents’ house for Christmas with all of them. Grandma brought some sweet potato treats for Pele, the border collie, but I convinced everyone to let us take them back with us. They have such limited ingredients that they are a treat Sammie can actually enjoy!

While we unwrapped presents and prepared dinner, Sammie played outside with Boomer. They were only allowed in once everyone was done eating, and by then they were so exhausted they just laid around. Okay, and loved on me!

We left not too long after the last picture was taken so we could get back home with enough time to unload the vehicle, get everything put away, and get some much-needed sleep.

What did you all do to celebrate the holiday? Did you do any traveling?



  1. Nikitaland · December 27, 2014

    Looks like everyone, including the animals, had a wonderful Christmas! That photo of Boomer snuggling with Boots is adorable!


    • Saving Sammie · December 27, 2014

      They are best friends! It’s absolutely adorable. Mom sends me pics and videos of them together all the time…


      • Nikitaland · December 27, 2014

        That is the sweetest thing ever! I love it when animals love each other like that!

        Liked by 1 person

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