Making a Dog Bed?

With our new memory foam mattress, we have not needed the memory foam mattress topper we bought for our old mattress(es). Not really knowing what to do with it, we’ve left it folded up on the floor by our bed until we could figure out a better place for it.

I cringe just typing that. Our room is such a mess…

Well, Sammie has since claimed it as hers! She doesn’t chew it up (thank goodness) – she just lays on it like it’s her bed. She prefers to do that, even, than lay in bed with us now! I would really like to make it into a bed for her, but I’m worried she’ll tear it up if I change it. But the way it is now it’s getting so DIRTY. Thoughts? Suggestions?


One comment

  1. roberlag · December 30, 2014

    Take an old sheet, fold in half and sew ( or staple if you don’t sew) to make a large pillow case. Slip the folded mattress topper inside and you now have a washable cover for it. I do this with old twin bed sheets for our doggie beds. If you do use staples, turn the staples to the inside of your ‘pillow case’.


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