We’re back from our vacations safe and sound, and it feels so good to be reunited again. Everyone is exhausted – me from all my walking:


Typical steps for me can be seen on the 29th and the 4th. In between is my time in NYC!

Aaron from all his driving, and Sammie from all her playing!


Sammie playing with her “boyfriend”

Seriously. Sammie and Aaron got home a couple hours after I did (and a couple hours after I fell asleep…), and she jumped in bed and fell asleep right away – on Aaron’s side. This morning, we could hardly get her to move, and when she did, it was straight to her kennel to lay back down! She seemed a bit more excited to see me at lunch, but she’s still one tired pooch. Looks like maybe Aaron and I just need to get another dog to keep her company! Okay, or a big back yard with lots of room for her to play…


One comment

  1. Will and Eko · January 5, 2015

    Even pets need a vacation from vacation. My guys always are dead to the world the day after we get home from a trip.

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