Transformation Tuesday

Sorry! We didn’t do cat agility, although that’s something I’d like to see as well. Instead, we gave the cats their first ever hair cuts. Owning two “long haired domestics” with fur more like rabbits than other cats, I find poofs everywhere that stick to everything. Nothing is truly “CLEAN.” I think Aaron had finally had enough and decided that, if I wouldn’t let him shave them, we could at least give them a trim.

They both had developed some very serious beards that enveloped their head and made it difficult for them to groom themselves. I was always finding them with a chunk of hair curled up and in their mouths. While I found it adorable, it was getting to be a bit much… As a result, that was what was trimmed. I hope you can tell from the pictures!

Tubby’s Transformation:

Frou Frou’s Transformation:

There were at least four handfuls of hair that we threw away – probably more – just from the trim and then brushing them down. I ALMOST wish we hadn’t stopped with just their manes/beards. almost. Frou has some serious underarm hair that could be trimmed back, and Tubby – well, Tubby’s just FLUFFY.

Having just used regular scissors we have lying around the house, I don’t think I did too poorly a job! It’s a little choppy, but still blends into the rest of their fluff nicely.

What do you think? How did I do? Can you even tell??



  1. Will and Eko · January 13, 2015

    You can definitely tell – they both have wizard beards in those first photos. They’re looking fresh for 2015 now.

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  2. noodle4president · January 13, 2015

    Good job! At least you didn’t shave them like my mom does to me!!!!

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  3. wallaceandsamuel · January 13, 2015

    You can definitely see a difference – good job mom!
    Wally & Sammy

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  4. Nikitaland · January 14, 2015

    You did a great job on their haircuts! I got a neat electric trimmer a few years ago that I use on Nikita’s long fur from time to time. Thank goodness she does not mind the humming sound from the trimmer! Phew! Thank goodness our pets have great Mommies to keep us looking fly!

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    • Saving Sammie · January 14, 2015

      Unfortunately, the cats don’t like the humming. Neither does Sammie for that matter. Luckily everyone gets brushed out pretty well!


      • Nikitaland · January 14, 2015

        I have to brush Nikita at least three times a week, or her fur would be a mess. It is a lot of work, but I have to do it. A cat would probably definitely not like the humming, I can tell that already. Have you ever tried to brush Sammie’s teeth yet? Now, that is always a fun time in the bathroom!


      • Saving Sammie · January 16, 2015

        I have not! We got her a NylaDental so we’re going to keep with that (until we see something or the vet says something else needs to be done)…


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