I was here, trying to come up with something clever to tell you about. Nothing came to me, so I didn’t post anything. Sorry!

The night before last, Wednesday night, Aaron and I went to the movies to see Into the Woods. It was really really good, but very different from what I was expecting. Aaron was beside himself – he LOVED it. But he’s seen the musical, so he at least knew what to expect. Anyway, that’s one reason I had nothing much to talk about!

Last night I played volleyball for the first time in… Well, we’ll just say years and years. Today, my wrists are sore – in a “there’s going to be a bruise there” way – and my shoulders are sore – in a “you just did something” way. The latter is much more pleasant than the former, let me tell you! However, since I was doing that and Aaron was bowling, there’s really nothing to tell you about from yesterday, either.

So what made me decide to write today? Well, I want to put myself out there a little bit. I’m feeling stuck. I enjoy my job and I see some potential here for moving up, but it’s so SLOW! And this is not where I want to be for the next however-many-years (both in terms of employment and living situation), which has me thinking about what my next step would/should be.

Truthfully? I have no idea. I don’t even know where to look or what to look for. I love to be busy and feel like I’m contributing meaningfully to both the company and the people the company serves. I have really enjoyed working as someone’s assistant, but would that be challenging enough for me? I also enjoy working in policy and helping with our legal department, so should I look into working as an assistant in a law firm? Maybe working my way up to being a paralegal or lawyer? Would that even be something I would enjoy? What about working from home? That would be really nice, too, but what would I do?

What’s my dream job? Still don’t know. Still looking for that. If I had all the money in the world and didn’t HAVE to work, what would I choose to do? Don’t know! Still trying to figure that out. See my dilemma?

How did you all solve these questions for yourselves? Or are you still trying to figure it out? Any advice that has really helped you along the way?



  1. colinandray · January 16, 2015

    Here’s a little exercise but you must follow the rules!
    1. (In 30secs) write down the names of 6 people that you admire.
    2. Write each persons name on a section (so 6 sections) of a separate piece of paper.
    3. Write down what you admire about them in each of their sections – 30secs per person.
    What you end up with are things that are clearly important to you ….. if you followed the timing. The whole point is not to think too deeply. Your future should ideally include those important things. Given that you’ve read this, you will have to condition yourself to get as close to these instructions as possible! 🙂

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  2. Ginene Nagel · January 23, 2015

    I read something interesting this month about this question of what to do and it was a surprise to me. I always thought one should follow one’s passion, but the author said to pick jobs by what you do well and what comes easy to you.


    • Saving Sammie · January 23, 2015

      That’s actually a relief to me! I know much better what my strengths are than what my passions are…


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