1. noodle4president · January 21, 2015

    Sleepy cuddles are my FAVORITE!!! EEEEEP! There’s a cat behind you! Be careful!

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  2. colinandray · January 21, 2015

    There’s something special about cuddling up to warm dog! One that size = bonus!

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    • Saving Sammie · January 21, 2015

      She’s just the right size! At night, when I snuggle my cats, I’m always afraid I’m going to hurt them. Haven’t thus far, and I’m pretty sure they’d let me know if I did, but I don’t have that worry with Sammie.

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  3. Ginene Nagel · January 21, 2015

    Love this picture. Reminds me of cuddling with my dog and two cats on couch watching movie.

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    • Saving Sammie · January 21, 2015

      I’ve decided that a dog initiating a cuddle shows they love you, but letting you cuddle THEM shows how MUCH they love you (:

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  4. Nikitaland · January 21, 2015

    What a sweet moment!

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  5. kmorto · January 30, 2015

    This is so cute, she is beautiful!!!!


    • Saving Sammie · January 30, 2015

      Thank you! We can’t believe how lucky we got, finding her at the local shelter (:


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