Bath Time

I did not, unfortunately, get any pictures of this moment, but trust me, it was pathetic. We had two options when it came to bathing Sammie this past weekend: the tub in our main bathroom or the shower in our guest bathroom. We opted for the latter, as it has a door that you can shut to keep her inside.  While she loves to dig in the water bowls at the DP, she doesn’t like rain. Or spray bottles. Or hoses. Or anything that SHOOTS water out. We figured a bath would be a challenge.

We got the water started and called her in to the shower. She surprisingly came of her own accord, but once the door was shut, she looked like a sad prisoner who was resigned to her fate. She suffered through being lathered and rinsed and was grateful when she got to finally escape the water torture. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a towel ready for her so she shook herself off making our bathroom smell like wet dog the rest of the day. After we got the bathroom mopped up and her toweled off, she did smell a LOT better than she had. Her coat is even nice and shiny now!

The shampoo we used came from Walmart and is an oatmeal, all-natural, shed-resistant formula. The hope was that it might soothe her itchy skin. Between it and the new dog food, her skin hasn’t been that itchy – it’s still just her paws!

Anyway, we now have a beautiful, clean, smell-good pooch around our house and we are very happy about it. Now that we have shampoo, those baths might have to happen a bit more often…



  1. colinandray · January 22, 2015

    We’ve never given Ray a wash and he has been here for closing 2 years however, he is groomed by us regularly. If I stick my nose into his fur he does have a mild doggy smell, but certainly not objectionable, and other than that he is fine. We also give him coconut oil “licks” as a treat when he is being brushed or having his nails ground down, and he has a Salmon Oil capsule dropped in with his dinner on a daily basis. He has a lovely coat!


    • Saving Sammie · January 22, 2015

      Lucky you! Sammie was beginning to have an unpleasant smell surrounding her… Not sure where she picked it up!


  2. noodle4president · January 22, 2015

    Ray is so lucky. Baths are cruel…plain cruel! Mom tortures me with one every 2-3 weeks.


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