Last exciting moment from the long weekend! Just in time for our next adventurous weekend.

Sunday night, Aaron and I went out to the new pizza joint to meet some friends and have some pie. We weren’t sure how long we would be gone, but we knew it wouldn’t be HOURS, so we decided to – again – leave Sammie out of her kennel. Aaron even left the TV on so she had something she could watch/listen to while we were out. The hour/hour-and-a-half we were gone flew by for us, but we wondered and were slightly worried what we were going to come home to…

The only thing that was out of place was a bag of chocolate covered coffee beans, which I’m pretty sure was not Sammie’s doing (the cats love to pack things around). She wasn’t waiting by the front door or window like she was last time I left her out but instead came to greet us from our bedroom. I have a feeling she was either on the bed or, more likely, waiting patiently for us in her kennel.

Since she’s done so well by herself, she may find herself out for a whole morning sometime!

And because I can’t deny you a photo two days in a row, here’s a picture of us cuddled up last night watching TV:




  1. colinandray · January 23, 2015

    Be very careful with leaving chocolate around because it can cause significant problems for a dog. Be even more careful with coffee beans as caffeine can be a really serious problem. You may wish to google both and note the responses from vets and professional dog organizations.


    • Saving Sammie · January 23, 2015

      Oh I am well aware of the effects of chocolate and coffee beans on an animal’s health. They were not stored anywhere that they could have easily been reached, hence my immediate notice of them.

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