Dog Park Tired Doesn’t Last…


Even though Sammie and Aaron went to the DP yesterday before I got off work, she did not have such a lazy morning like she did yesterday. Today, she was up and exploring and getting into everything. And by getting into everything I mean working really hard to get me up and out of bed (or at least up so that I could scratch her belly).

Apparently, every dog that came to the dog park was a runner, and they and Sammie had a great time chasing each other. Dog after dog after dog! Aaron said she was so worn out from running that when they finally left, she was foaming at the mouth. I wish I could have gone to see it, but I had to work late.

The rest of the night, Sammie laid on her bed in the living room and curled up as tight as she could to sleep. That is usually reserved for movie nights or Sundays! She was one tired pooch. Just wish that tiredness lasted a little longer… Oh who am I kidding? She’s the best alarm clock, and gets me up a lot earlier than I would otherwise!


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