Home Alone

Last night, Sammie, the cats, and I were left home alone while Aaron went bowling. I decided to try and wear Sammie out by playing fetch with her new Kong bone – it’s been too cold here to go outside!! We must have played fetch for an hour and she was still peppy! So I decided to try a mini training session. I want to teach her to roll over.

To start, I grabbed a handful of food and had her sit, lay down, and then taught her ‘side’ – to lay on her side.


She got the hang of that pretty quick, so I started working on ‘back’ – to roll onto her back. This one is still a little tricky for her: she will get her head and chest back, but her hips are still on the side. But we’re coming along nicely! Any idea of how I can get her to put them all together as ‘roll over’?



  1. Will and Eko · February 20, 2015

    With Eko I found leading his head with a treat was the best method. Where the head goes, the rest of the body follows, so each time he turned his head further he’d get another treat. Eventually his body just flipped with his head and he got lots of treats/praise for it.

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    • colinandray · February 20, 2015

      Agreed. With Ray it was all hand gesture and withholding treat until he got it. If you break the move down into individual components and slowly guide him through each stage, he’ll get it!

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      • Saving Sammie · February 20, 2015

        Thanks! Sounds like I’m at least on the right track…


    • Saving Sammie · February 20, 2015

      So lead the treat like she’s going to do ‘side’ and ‘back’, but not stop there and have her flip over before praising her and treating her for ‘roll over’?


  2. Nikitaland · February 20, 2015

    Sammie is really smart and will get it quickly! Treats are good motivators!

    I taught Bella to give me a high five when I bring her the food bowl. She runs to her usual spot where she gets her food, sits, and throws her paw up in the air every time now I bring her food bowl to her. It is so cute.

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    • Saving Sammie · February 20, 2015

      Aaron taught Sammie to ‘pound it’ instead of giving a high five. She’s so eager to do it, too!! Which is so funny because she doesn’t like her paws touched or messed with.


      • Nikitaland · February 20, 2015

        I think most dogs don’t like their paws touched, I know ours don’t. What’s up with that? But that is cool that Sammie loves to pound it!


      • Saving Sammie · February 20, 2015

        Who knows…

        And it’s adorable that Bella loves to high-five it for her food!! 😀


      • Nikitaland · February 20, 2015

        I am still amazed on what we can teach our dogs. It took me one time to show Bella to do this at breakfast one morning, and at dinner time, she surprised me by remembering to do it. Smart girl!

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  3. Albert the Dog · February 20, 2015

    Sammie seems like a quick learner! I never managed to learn “roll over,” even though I can do sit, down, spin/twirl, and jumping through arms. But “roll over” is just not for me–even when my People tried to lead my head with a treat. The trainer in my obedience class said that dogs with my body types sometimes have a hard time doing that move.

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