This weekend, we took Sammie to a different dog park about 30 minutes away. It’s a lot bigger than the local one we always go to, and it’s always packed no matter the season. The biggest draw for us? Now that it’s March, the pond side of the park is open! Sammie’s never been in a big body of water (with us) before, and we wanted to know how she’d react.

I think it’s safe to say she LOVED it! She wouldn’t go out far enough that she needed to swim, but she did get her belly wet. She splashed and munched and ran and played so hard that she was tuckered out when we got home. It was a perfect day….



  1. Genis · March 16, 2015

    She certainly seemed to like it? I learnt to swim when I was nine years old and now I LUV it. Good Girl Sammie!

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    • Saving Sammie · March 16, 2015

      Maybe over the course of the summer, she’ll have a few swimming lessons too!


  2. Will and Eko · March 16, 2015

    Spring is in the air. Love seeing the world come alive again and more pups at the park to play with.


    • Saving Sammie · March 16, 2015

      Us too! It means Sammie’s more likely to find someone with a similar play style (aka running).


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