We Couldn’t Avoid the Vet

Ket Flush

Ket flush

Turns out that we couldn’t avoid the vet’s office completely. A few days after Sammie’s poop got solid, her right ear started bothering her. She scratched it, she rubbed it against the carpet, she shook her head… When I got her settled down and looked at it, I could see why. It was BLACK – just like when we first brought her home.

I tried cleaning it out, but it didn’t help: it turned black again within a few hours. So I called the vet’s office and took her in Friday after work.

They looked at her left ear first (I think to get a gauge of what ‘normal’ looked like) and then scoped her right ear. As soon as the vet was able to look through the lens, she exclaimed, ‘Yep! That one’s definitely inflamed.’ So she took a sample and examined it under a microscope. The result? FULL of yeast.

Like last time, we are to do a Ket flush twice a day and apply medicine once a day after the flush. Sammie hates it, but she always offers up her right ear to me (so it HAS to make her feel better, right?).

So far, so good! Instead of two cotton balls to clean it out, it’s only taking one. And they aren’t coming out nearly as disgusting as they did that first day or two. She has a follow-up appointment a week from today to make sure she’s cleared of yeast and to decide if we need to continue with the medicine, how often we need to do the flush, etc.

Poor girl! If it’s not one thing, it’s another…



  1. colinandray · June 15, 2015

    Reading about Sammie, and thinking about Ray ……….. it’s like having another child! 🙂

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    • Saving Sammie · June 15, 2015

      It definitely is!! We were thinking that when we were having to get up with her in the middle of the night to let her potty (or clean up her messes when we didn’t get up in time).

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  2. Ginene Nagel · June 15, 2015

    Sammie’s mother, if you go to the website 1-800-Pet Meds, whatever the name of the site is I don’t know. But years ago I searched under ear infections and found something for my sister’s lab that was the only thing that ever worked. I am so sorry that I can’t remember the name, but I could ask my sister. Anyway, my point is that you could order it on-line. I had a cocker spaniel who eventually had to have his ear canal removed (different type of ear) after 10 years of squirting stuff in his ears. I think if you need to read reviews on what works. I’d hate to see Sammie get on the ear infection bandwagon.

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  3. Ginene Nagel · June 15, 2015

    I just checked for you, the website name I had right. Then under pet education…there are lots of questions answered by vets about ear infections under Q & A.


  4. Ginene Nagel · June 15, 2015

    I was going to tell you to check for on-line Amazon prices for over-the-counter like Ket Flush, but after getting two fake things on Amazon (Wen Shampoo and Opalesence) I don’t know if I’d trust Amazon anymore.


  5. lexitheschnauzer · June 15, 2015

    I CAN’T BELIEVE IT, I HAD THE EXACT SAME THING! (see butt squirts and ear yeast blog) Same treatment, too. I wonder if those things always happen at the same time… I also had antibiotics for my ears because I got weird crusty places on the inside flaps while this was all going on.
    Mommy said to tell you it is better to use a piece of an old soft T-shirt or a gauze pad instead of cotton balls or cotton swabs. Tiny pieces of the cotton will come off and can cause more irritation. Hope your ear feels better soon, Sammy.


    • Saving Sammie · June 15, 2015

      OMD! It sounds like your symptoms happened in the opposite order that Sammie’s did, but maybe you’re right! Maybe one can be a sign of the other.

      And thanks for the tip! I’ll have to find an old t-shirt to use now.


  6. miloandava · June 16, 2015

    Poor girl, at least her stomach problems have settled. It’s the worst when our furbabies are ill, never mind twice in a row! Hope she recovers fast! 🙂

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  7. carolynswriting · June 17, 2015

    Oooh, have been through that with our big girl Tillie, her ears can get quite stinky if we don’t keep an eye out (or a nose – I sniff near her ears if she won’t let me look in them!). She and Sammie are similar in that while I know she doesn’t like having it done, she will tolerate me squirting the cleanser in because she knows she’ll get an ear massage straight away, then a gentle clean, plus a liver treat to follow up. She sees to know it will fix her itchy ears 🙂 Best wishes to Sammie for her continued recovery!

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